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  • Date 6.7.2022, Market closed, Sensex 53134 (-100), Nifty: 15810 (-24): Wednesday, markets have closed in Negative teritory. Thursday 6 July'2022, Indian markets are expected to trade Positive direction. Read Tweets @astrostocks_in. Follow, Twitter @deeptigour6. & @astrostocks_in, Instagram
  • Date 6.7.2022, US markets closed, DOWJ: 30967 (-129), Nasdaq: 11086 (+194), S&P-500: 3831 (+6), Wednesday US Markets Doj, NASDAQ closed in Mixed territory. Thursday US Markets are expected to trade Positive direction. Europe markets are expected to trade Positive direction. follow Twitter @deeptigour6. @astrostocks_in, Instagram
  • Indian Budget'2022-23: Dow Jones and Nasdaq is creating fear towards down move anytime. RBI policy as per expectations hiking rates and more in future.
  • US Bond yield 10yr more than 3.0. Investors confused for further action. Fear is more than action.

Cancer - Horoscope 2020

01.12.2020 To 31.12.2020
BEST TIME: 4th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 24th, 27th
COLOR: White/Red
Predictioon:- You are now in aligning with the TIME favorable to settle for education, Career and to understand that this period might have lounge for another shell orbit. The students should take this opportunity to best possible endeavor for achieving the goal. Elder should have the care of Kids for directional approach and proper counseling. Family matters can be aggravated in this period and spouse is required to be blesses with careful rewards having faith and trust to develop.
Keyword: Avoid overwhelming approach.
CONSULTANCY FREE:- Trust is developed through proper approachability and open communication.