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  • Date 21.10.2021, NAVAMI NAVRATRA. Market closed, Sensex 61259 (-456), Nifty: 18266 (-152): Wednesday, markets have closed in Negative territory. Alerts previous forecast: 10.44 - market moving towards down side trend levels, 14.04 - market moving towards down side levels. Thursday 21st Oct, Indian markets are expected to trade Negative to Pause direction. Read Tweets @astrostocks_in. Follow, Twitter @deeptigour6. & @astrostocks_in, Instagram
  • Date 21.10.2021, World markets closed, DOWJ: 35609 (+152), Nasdaq: 15121 (-7), S&P-500: 4536(+16), Wednesday US Markets Doj, NASDAQ closed in Pause territory. Thursday US Markets are expected to trade Negative direction. Europe markets are expected to trade Pausetive direction. follow Twitter @deeptigour6. @astrostocks_in, Instagram
  • Budget'2021-22: Outstanding, Q1'2021-22 RESULTS: Good.
  • On date 16.06.2021, FED hawkished tone of hiking rates in 2023 before 2024. US Bond yield 10yr expected less than 1.70, FED commentary 28 July'2021 good, no rate hike till 2023. US fed will continue to buy bonds and keeping interest rates low.

Capricorn - Horoscope 2020

17.08.2020 To 16.09.2020
BEST TIME: 24-25/8, 26-27/8, 30-31/8, 4-6/9, 11-12/9/2020
COLOR: Blue/Black combination
Prediction:- You are facing hurdles, obstructions in your routine works and should have more patience, calm & peaceful mindset otherwise which might affect your health. Business growth is also at stake and financial issues need to be managed in such a way to restrain your expenditures in meaningful manner. Students are advised to find the solution of relieving stress and heavy burden, hardship with continual sitting will give a great sigh of relief. Elders should be cautious on health-wise and chanting & meditation will be great relief for airy type deceases.
Keyword: Time for test yourself
CONSULTANCY FREE:- Trust is developed through proper approachability and open communication.