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  • Date 6.7.2022, Market closed, Sensex 53134 (-100), Nifty: 15810 (-24): Wednesday, markets have closed in Negative teritory. Thursday 6 July'2022, Indian markets are expected to trade Positive direction. Read Tweets @astrostocks_in. Follow, Twitter @deeptigour6. & @astrostocks_in, Instagram
  • Date 6.7.2022, US markets closed, DOWJ: 30967 (-129), Nasdaq: 11086 (+194), S&P-500: 3831 (+6), Wednesday US Markets Doj, NASDAQ closed in Mixed territory. Thursday US Markets are expected to trade Positive direction. Europe markets are expected to trade Positive direction. follow Twitter @deeptigour6. @astrostocks_in, Instagram
  • Indian Budget'2022-23: Dow Jones and Nasdaq is creating fear towards down move anytime. RBI policy as per expectations hiking rates and more in future.
  • US Bond yield 10yr more than 3.0. Investors confused for further action. Fear is more than action.

Scorpio - Horoscope 2020

06.09.2021 To 12.09.2021
BEST TIME: 06 to 07/9/2021, 12/9/2021
COLOR: Orange, Light Green, Light red
Prediction:- Your weekly start will bring cheerful, joyful results with full of confidence, right time to pressurize the matters diplomatically towards justice and successful. The matter might be professional, business, family; your success seems to be in right direction. Gains for respect, wealth and sincere efforts are guaranteed for youths in education, especially on Wednesday. Your humble approach might add a catalyst in results for your future plan.
keyword: Humble approach
CONSULTANCY FREE:- Trust is developed through proper approachability and open communication.