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  • In 20th century 80’s decade, as the world population enhanced exponentially and the world explored the various sectors with the onset of industrialization and especially towards digitization and the education advances in wide spread field in this respect of the carees.
  • In late 20th /21st centuries opened the mmultiple career prospects as the technology further advances towards easing the life of living and higher aspirations.
  • The native find the choices based on:-
    1. Choice by objective i.e. Salary, benefits, opportunities etc.
    2. Choice by subjective i.e. social and psychological factors, job status, reputation etc.
    3. Choice by observation i.e. firm;s response, experienced professionals etc.
    4. Career changing is the most important aspect for career management.Over the life time assessment, global jobs as well employer expectations will change and the native will have to either accommodate or takes decision for job change either forcefully or seeking career growth.
    5. The native is very fortunate and hold one job in life time. According to job survey, the native on an average hold 3-4 jobs in his life time in corporate sector. This aspect is as important equivalent to job seeking after graduation.
    6. Now the native questions himself at the crossroad:-
      1. Success in Career
      2. Career support
      3. Job satisfaction.
        The native after spending his valuable life needs to know JOB satisfaction at the age profile of 38-45 years when efforts are fully tried and now takes a pause.
Role of Jyotish:
  1. Yes, helps to ascertain and gives direction.
  2. It is generally seen that the native is either directed by elders or do copying the things in the society . There are numerous examples, Dasha and decision plays the immense role once select the career option in schooling and further in college.
  3. Career and earnings are correlated, the KARAK, Lord, Aspects, depositor further analysis in charts already decided the fortune and now your known efforts are required in this direction. Life is not easy; the native’s karmas also decides the fortune.
  4. Government is the most well-known entity, like SUN needs no introduction. The planet has to be powerful in the chart and should also connect to 6th, 10th and 11th house & Lord for Government job. Everybody might not have this opportunity and knowing beforehand would be better for proper directional approach.

Generally, Profession is determined from the tenth house in one's horoscope, also known as karmasthan.

  1. Tenth house should be seen from lagna, moon and sun, whichever is the strongest.
  2. Lord of Navamsha of the tenth lord, whichever is strongest from lagna, moon and sun should be seen.
  3. Second and eleventh houses show nature and quantum of income. The planets placed here indicate nature of wealth earned.
  4. Fifth house reveals the pattern of education and the intelligence of the person concerned whether it directly related the education with the future profession in life.
  5. Fouth house indicates the pleasure and satisfaction derived from the profession.
  6. The planets involved in making yoga’s with sun and moon such as sunapha, Anapha, vesi, vasi. They will tell us the source of income.
  7. Important yoga’s will give the clue to the kind of profession. A strong eleventh house and presence of Lakshmi yoga will make one’s involved in business.
  8.  Saraswathi yoga, makes a person inclined to fine arts.
  9.  The Rasi and navamsha chart D-9, Dasamsa chart D-10 should be analyzed for the nature of profession.
  10. From karakamsa (Rashi in which the Atma-karak is placed in navamsa), the native should be predicted for the nature of profession.

The planets and their influence in horoscope may be correlated to profession to some extent according to Varamihir:

SUN King, Goldsmith, Public works, political activity, political science.
Moon Chemistry, fine arts, musician, poets, Para-medical, Naval work, Diamond, Sea related.
Mars Mechanical, Engineer, Metallurgy, Army, fire, chemist, Doctor, Pharmacist.
Mercury Writer, Accountancy, Jyotish, Generalism, weaver, Teacher, Advocate, social worker.
Jupiter Judge, Philosopher, Religious head, Management, Orator, Banker.
Venus Gold/Diamond mechants, Music, Medical, Art, Hotel Management, Graphics.
Saturn Mining, Mechanical, Geology, Law.
Rahu Researcher, Psychology, Space Technology, Air hostage.
Ketu Computer science, Language expert, Mathematician.

NADI SHASTRA: The profession of the native may also be decided from Nakshatra based Astrology.

NAKSHATRA Profession
3 Purva, Kritika Brahmin
Pusya, 3 Utra Shatriya
Anuradha, Revati, Magha, Rohina Vaishya
Punarvasu, Hasta, Abhijit, Ashwin, Business category
Adra, Swati, Mool, Shatmisha, Low profile Business
Mrigshira, Jyestha, Chitra, Ghanistha Highly Laborious Jobs

These are indicative and combinations of Charts, different methodological way should be studied before the prediction of the Native. The current scenario of Pandemic covid-19, it is important to seek the direction as lot of bunisses/services will be changed or slowed down. The world will search new opportunities.


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