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FAQ - Astrostock


Ans. Astrology is defined to understand the human character psychological behavior, his observations and acts into the society. For knowing better, different methods from Ancient history of Indian culture are available and study in and around the world.

Ans. Astrological Birth chart and sometimes is known as The Natal chart is the position o f SUN, Moon and other celestial planets in the universe at the time of Birth on the Earth at a particular place seeking coordinates ascertained.

Ans. Navansa is known as D-9 chart in Astrology which is 9 divisions of one house of 30 degrees more microscopically viewed for ascertaining the immense importance in Vedic Astrology. This chart is as equal as to D-1 chart and should be seen both in combination.

Ans. There are multiple yoga’s more than 100s are formed in vedic kundali. You should not interpret all are good or bad but part of life associated. Few of these may defined as Raj-yogas.

Ans. Classical books have not defined such hazardous yoga’s i.e. Kaal Sarp yoga and poverty / obstructions yogas in life. You should first know the malefic effects and one should go for improve in personality. You should not fear of these things and face improving KARMA’s in present KAAL.

Ans. KAAL-means TIME. PURUSH- means- The Man. Therefore, KAAL-PURUSH kundali is mirror of human’s body transposed over thr the whole of the zodiac signs.

Ans. Mangal Dosh in Hindu superstition prevent in India, the native born under in the influence of Mars planet. Thus the native is known as Mangalik. This topic is already covered in service in web page.

Ans. The Aquarious and Pisces signs are related to spirituals, austerity life, and religious works. Moon transit from Aquarious to Pisces is known as PANCHAK time as Moon covers one Rashi in 2-1/4 days almost 5 days. It is also called as Dhanistha Panchak. Any death case during this time is supposed that the person don’t get peace and not good for the family left behind.

Ans. The houses 6th, 8th and 12th are known as Dukh:stana and their lord position in D-1 chart gives malefic results for the native in life.

Ans. Neech bhang yoga is formed when the lord of the sign where a planet is debilitated in the centre from the Ascendant. Also if the lord of the sign in which the debilitated planet gets exaltation in the centre from the Ascendant.

Ans. It is basically lords of two houses placed in each other houses.

Ans. Navamsa means nine amsa. Amsa means division. It is known as D-9 chart and given immense importance.

Ans. Niryan Bhav in chalet chart is known as Cuspal chart (Cusps). It gives clear indication in which house (cusp) a palanet and zodiac sign is present. The chalet chart proves more defined picture for prediction.

Ans. Truely Rajyog is combination of Central and Trikon Lords placement in their houses itself. They may be classified in many ways as Good Rajyog, Vipreet Rajyog, Neech Bhang Rajyog.

Ans. The YOG-KARAK of any Lagna kundali’s is the planet of Kendra and Trikon simultaneously. For Aries lagna, SUN and Jupiter are YOG-KARAK’s.

Ans. Sade-sati has been well define in home web-page and one can read for better knowledge.

Ans. NAKSHATRAS are the constellations or mansions of the Moon, the Moon resides in each for one day. One Nakshtras is formed for 13 degrees and 20 minutes. The Moon traves one rashi in 2-1/4 days and 30 days for one cycle in all zodiac signs. No doubt, this is powerful and gives accurate results.

Ans. Ascendant-Self, Rising sign- Rashi. Both plays immense importance and weight age in the life of the native.

Ans. A person’s birth chart is defined based on lagna chart and gives first impression between soul and the new birth of new life on the earth.

Moon sign at the time birth, it signifies the behavior of the person and reaction to the actions.

Ans. Vedic Astrology is study of all planets existing in the universal zodiac signs and their influence over the human life on the earth.

Ans. It is defined the angle by which the sidereal ecliptic of a celestial body is less than it’s tropical ecliptic longitude. The angular distance between vedic first point and the vernal equinex is the Ayanamsa.

Ans. Lord of Kendra- Kendradhipati, Dosh- Obstruction. 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house are the houses of Kendras and 1stouse is also known as Trikona house.

Ans. Kendra lord is place in a trine cancels Kendradhipati dosh.

Ans. Vedic Astroly is more accurate. Western uses a tropical zodiac and starts on March 21 which is not in line with the starts for Aries.

Ans. Past life means Karmas already done. 5th House is the mirror of past life and relation with Saturn makes discovery in this direction.

Ans. Moon is capable to influence your actions. In western Astrology, Sun is considered as basic. The fastest movement by the Moon will give you more accurate results.

Ans. Yes, it is available but not as usual and original form.

Ans. The planets in the universe has immense influence on the human life as well the nature on the earth. It is already well defined the natural characteristic of planets for which NASA mission get the same color, atmosphere etc. The influence of Moon transit is directly related to the sea behavior ascertained by the science.

Ans. Time of Birth determines the Ascendant sign and it’s degrees and other planets transition in zodiac signs.

Ans. The planets placed in the chart, an aspect is an angle to each other in the horoscope including the Ascendant. The degree of Aspect will determine the dominance in shaping character or manifesting change.

Ans. SUN, MARS, SATURN, RAHU, KETU acts as malefic while Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus acts as Benefic. Moon depends whether relates to the degree towards Amavasya or Poornima.

Ans. Past can’t be changed, future not known, only the Present you may have the ability to improve upon.

What Geeta said, Do KARMAS, results will be as your deeds.

Ans. No one knows about God, only human being has believes.

True Vedic Astrology can help a person in many ways if it is carried forward in right direction. The Sun and Moon work for all — all cosmic energies are for all and works without human permission whether we believe it or not.

It is up to you, decide whether believe or not.

Ans. The vedic Astrology is supposed as good as , other methods are suggestive and advisory based on magical thinking and superstition.

Ans. The two girls were born at the same time, difference of timing few minutes say. Second one is brother or sister of first one, it’s the clue.

Ans. In such cases, there are few methods be applied in asking questions ascertaining the long transitional planets impact over the period. Off course, this is only tried to resolve the issues in current perspectives.

Ans. The lagna and 5th house ascertain the fate and destiny. It is left to the native to buildhis future.

Ans. Not compulsory to believe, you will have to decide.

Ans. Even the Science has proved the astronomical phenomena and events or descriptions of personalities in the human world. This vedic Astrology has proved many times being scientific study but regarded as pseudoscience.

Ans. The physics teachers for two classes, students succeed competitions not equally. Similarly it depends on own’s ability to predict so correct or not.
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