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ॐ नमः शिवाय

For thousands years, Medical and Astrology has effected the life of human being completely. In India, it has been developed as part of religion. The principles of health and remedy of deceases were part of routine etiquettes as use of Astrology part of our life. Daily prayer and religious ceremony in education (ashramas) was compulsory for good health and mind.

Decease can be categorized as follows:         

  1. Timing of Decease
  2. Type of Decease
  3. Intensity
  4. Remedy.

In case 1, only astrology or Jyotish can be helpful and suggest remedy to some extent for which decease can be avoided. Medical science is unable to predict in such cases. Dasha plays significant role and off course, Jatak may initiate to get out of this dasha and evidences even exists.

In case 2, comparatively medical science leads better equipped with testing apparatus. In second stage, jatak may consult medical practitioner.

In case 3, intelligent astrologer can predict the intensity of decease based on Dasha period and duration, similarly medical science can do.

Last not the least medical science can cure the decease.

Astrologer should not claim for remedy and restrict oneself for decease timing and suggesting how to get body resistance through prayer. I just give you an example to strengthen the body resistance. OM, OM NAMAY SHIVAY, GAYATRI MANTRA are few magical words with proper pronunciation always inhale positive energy in body and makes sound health.

There is only Potential and Kinetic energy in science and transform in each other. Similarly, we have two energies in the universe i.e. +ve and –ve inhaling in air through which we invite either health or decease respectively. An astrologer always suggests praying for GOD or wearing stones touching with the lagna i.e body or parts of body, reason being to get in +ve energy to cure the decease scientifically. In this context, alike multiple medicine prescription suggested by medical practitioner and similarly advising multiple stones may adversely affect the Jatak life even more badly. Therefore, Astrologers should take all precautionary steps before advising one’s life.   

In Ayurvedas, Body is categorized related to Planets as:

  1. SUN           Pitt
  2. Moon         Kaff
  3. Mars          Pitt
  4. Mercury    Pitt, Kaff & Vat  
  5. Jupiter      Kaff
  6. Venus       Vat and Kaff
  7. Saturn      Vat

Any imbalance of three naturals may cause any decease in one’s body and it’s continuity long way may disrupt to last stage consulting medical practitioner who may or may not cure at stages known.

N number of cases advised to Jatakas and some of them could have been saved adopting naturals in life. astrostock doesn't mean for investment purpose only, it helps to improve oneself sustain on it's own. Mantras in life plays immense role in life.

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