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Legal Advisory & Counselling (India)

ॐ नमः शिवाय

Legal Advisory:- The major factors contribute in a legal battle in vedic astrology-
Planets Responsible for Court Cases are: Saturn & Court Cases In Vedic Astrology: It delays court cases and creates misunderstands between parties.
Planet (graha) Mars - Lord Kuja. Mars is ambitious, energetic, firm, brave, ardent, resolute, resourceful, enterprising and inspiring. Mars also empowers Fearlessness, a sub-value of Peace. Mars is a planet of strength.
The houses that are related to litigation and. court cases are 6th, 8th, 12th and these houses cause a lot of problems.

Court cases are difficult to handle but sadly they are becoming a part of our life. The native’s houses are affected by the malefic planets and have to face legal issues. The native will fight for ancestor's property if second house is involved.
The native should be advised in accordance of the way any yoga in horoscope or not. Timing Dasha period may help to get rid of mental stress and come out of this depression and get relief.  

  • 6th house - The house of litigation.
  • 7th house – opponents, agreements and negotiations.
  • 9th house - The house of justice.
  • 12th house- The house of outcome.
  • Jupiter - Planet of Justice.
  • Saturn - Planet of Law.
  • Mars - Planet of courage and litigation.

The affliction of Sun & Moon in the birth chart gives huge mental distress in court cases. 6th Lord plays significant role fixing timing and courage with opponents. Saturn will delay the process and Rahu will complicate the issues. Mixing of both will play to complicate the issue to the most extendable possible.
The native should be advised to act accordingly

  • Timing i.e. Dasha period
  • Strengthening self i.e. Lagna lord like improving immune system.
  • Muhurat,
  • Finding relief in 2 ways i. win, ii. Settlement
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