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  • Budget'2021-22: Outstanding, Q1'2021-22 RESULTS: Good.
  • On date 16.06.2021, FED hawkished tone of hiking rates in 2023 before 2024. US Bond yield 10yr expected less than 1.70, FED commentary 28 July'2021 good, no rate hike till 2023. US fed will continue to buy bonds and keeping interest rates low.

Mangala Kuj Dosha

  • Mangala Dosha :- Hindu superstition prevails in India. A person born under the influence of Mars (Mangala) as per Hindu astrology is said to have "mangala dosha".
  • Mars is known Mangal in sanskrit and astrologically Mars is positioned when mangal in the 1H, 2H, 4H, 7H, 8H and 12H in the native horoscope.
  • Mangal dosh should be considered seriously, the native may get married. Why the Mangal is considered malefic to marry. Generally it is called as Mangal Kuja in classical books.
  • It should be understood that Manglik dosha can't be cancelled and malefic effects will prevail if the native is adamant by nature. There are yogas and aspects so that Manglik dosha gets weakened or cancelled depending in the horoscope. If it is deeply afflicted one, then remedies measures can be adopted or advised to remove it’s ill effects.
  • Mostly A Mangalik is always advised at the age of 28 years as the intensity of the Mangal Dosha comes down with age profile and the native behavior also changes. It means, egoist and character always gives malefic and ill effects.
  • Mangal dosh is generally considered for the first marriage. There is simple ceremony called kumbha in which the native having Mangal dosha is advised to get married first to a plant (i.e. Banana or Peepal) and further that plant is either destroyed or left in river.
  • Effects of Mangal Dosh:
    1. Late Marriage
    2. Obstructions in Marriage.
    3. Disputes with spouse.
    4. Egoistic behavior
  • Remedies of Mangal Dosh:
    1. The native same horoscope house, the opposite kundali is having Saturn plaved.
    2. First Marriage is advised to Peepal.
    3. Ganesh Pujan, Mangal Grah Jap mantras.
    4. Use of Red Hanki.
    5. Kundali Milan.
    6. Peace of Mind.
    7. Hanumanji Puja and Vrat.
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