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ॐ नमः शिवाय


Kundli Matching or Horoscope Matching plays vital role at the time of marriage.
Importance of Guna Milan.

Obtained Guna Points Prediction or Result
Less than 18 Not recommended for marriage
18 to 24 Average, Acceptable match and recommended for marriage
24 to 32 Very Good, successful marriage
32 to 36 Excellent Match

For considering appropriate marriage, there must be not less than 18 Guna matches between the bride and the groom's horoscopes. If the matching Gunas are less than 18, then the proposed match is not generally approved.

If Milan 18 to 25 Gunas match, then it is deemed as good marriage. A best match ensues when 26 to 32 Gunas match.

According to a study published in Correlation in 2001, reading horoscopes seems to have little impact on a woman's actual behavior. Only 15 percent of women said they would change what they did. But the study also found that astrology is taken pretty seriously by a lot of people.

The best match is noted when all the 36 Gunas of the bride and groom match. If only less than 18 aspects match between the bride and the groom, the marriage cannot be predicted successful and hence pairing such individuals is never advised as per the Vedic astrology.

There are three gunas, according to this worldview, that have always been and continue to be present in all things and beings in the world. These three gunas are called: sattva (goodness, constructive, harmonious), rajas (passion, active, confused), and tamas (darkness, destructive, chaotic).

One of the most important goals of marriage is to bear offspring. Your horoscope and matching it with partner's birth chart can foresee about it also -Kundali Matching for marriage can give an idea about your partner's characteristic traits. His thought pattern and how he sees life.

In the same context, after passing over last century, it is mostly seen that pre-set matching cases are come across in which Gunas are found below average say 18 and pre-decided asking for remedial action. In this position, jyotish is time tested and duty of astrologer towards society to advice on scientific manner and negative factors also to be addressed.

There are large number of cases coming across in which benefic & malefic effects to Jupiter, Venus and 7th hose are studied not only in birth chart but also Navamsa chart.

In 21st Century, a lot of social and economical changes are being observed and greatly influenced with the world multi-cultural peers to youngsters. They are far away from original culture and challenging period for Jyotish to research its aspects elaborating in multi-cultural fields so that humanity may be sensed as universe after all Humans are same, live log happy on this beautiful Earth planet.   

Other than matching horoscopes, both horoscopes should be analyzed as individual ones. Peers are also self-imposed despite of Gunas matching if economic factor is left over in anticipation.  

Two third life is spent in one decision and Jyutish role is as prime duty towards society advising with honestly. 

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