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Rahu Ketu Kaal Sarp Yog

ॐ नमः शिवाय


RAHU in 1st house to 7th KETU is called as Anant sarp kal yog. Jatak of this Birth chart faces lot of difficulties and obstructions in life and even relatives also accuse in discussions.


RAHU in 2nd H to KETU in 8th H, JATAK faces acute shortage of wealth and to work hard for each and every earning in profession, get limited success. Jatak remains Tense and get irritated.

Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yog:

RAHU in 3st house to 9th KETU, Jatak relatives behave as enemies and gets defame. He gets wealth hardly and life difficult ever. If Jatak earns money on tours and travels.

Shankhpal Kal sarp Yog:

RAHU in 4st house to 10th KETU, Jatak’ mother, sisters and servants are not having cordial relations and trust to him. He gets hardened in making money and uncertaintly in life.


RAHU in 5st house to 9th KETU, Jatak gets failures, obstructions in education and son’s birth. Marriage life is not happy and gets obstruction, hence finds charmless life.


RAHU in 6st house to 12th KETU, incurable deceases and life is hopeless. Jatak get obstructions in every steps of life, mischievous himself and changes profession frequently, full of enemies, eyes & teeth trouble.


RAHU in 7st house to 1th KETU, marriage life is full of struggle and even divorce situation. Jatak finds difficulties in partnership especially in-laws side, gets deceived in business. 


RAHU in 8th house to 1th KETU, Jatak gets defame, short-lived, weak health, fear of accidents. Egoist jatak don’t get respect in society, lending money gets sink probably. Jatak fears tension, cronic deceases.


RAHU in 9st house to 3th KETU, Jatak’s FATE is late, promotion in profession gets difficulties, possibilities of demotion, losses in business and punishment, tensions likely with relatives, un-stability in work and deceive by relatives. 


RAHU in 9st house to 3th KETU, miserable married life, not conducive relations with higher ups, fear of wealth loss, get success in early life only, father unhappiness. 


RAHU in 11st house to 5th KETU, Obstructions in higher education, hard earnings, children gets diseases. Jatak respect gets tarnished due to earnings. Jatak gets deceived from elder or cousin brother, not faithful and trusty.  


RAHU in 12st house to 6th KETU, Live away from birth place and build house, secret enemies, late work completion, expenditure more than earnings, tensions in life ever.

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