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  • Date 22.4.2022, Market closed, Sensex 57911 (+874), Nifty: 17392 (+250): Thursday, markets have closed in Positive teritory. Alerts previous day forecast: 9.31 - market moved towards uptrend levels, 13.35 - market moved continue towards uptrends. Friday 22 April'2022, Indian markets are expected to trade Pause to Negative direction. Read Tweets @astrostocks_in. Follow, Twitter @deeptigour6. & @astrostocks_in, Instagram
  • Date 22.4.2022, World markets closed, DOWJ: 35019 (-140), Nasdaq: 13249 (-203), S&P-500: 4419 (-39), Thursday US Markets Doj, NASDAQ closed in Negative territory. Friday US Markets are expected to trade Positive direction. Europe markets are expected to trade Pause direction. follow Twitter @deeptigour6. @astrostocks_in, Instagram
  • Indian Budget'2022-23: Outstanding, Q3'2021-22 RESULTS: Good. Dow Jones and Nasdaq is creating fear towards down move anytime and standing at crucial levels.
  • US Bond yield 10yr expected nearby than 2.00. Corona fear down and War fear up, Investors confused for further action. NSE Fraud and Bank scam 23K CR another fear in market.

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Nifty Graph Date: 22.4.2022, Alerts-9.55, 13.43,

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News Highlights:

  • HINDU NAV-VARSH VIKRAM 2078 Event: 02.04.2022, Saturn-Saturn,
  • Astro Event: SUN in Aries, Mercury in Aries.
  • Astro Event: Jupiter in Pisces
  • Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius
  • Indian Markets closed in Positive move. Friday, markets are expected Pause to Negative trend.
  • Nifty 28th April'2022 Monthly expiry is expected 17000-17200.
  • ज्योतिष: धन कमाने और सम्मान पाने का जरिया क्या होगा? अवश्य जानें. सभी का भाग्य कभी एक जैसा नहीं होता है
  • बाजार ज्योतिष: बाजार खपत कहानी और त्वरित पुनरुद्धार शेयरों, ऑटो, फार्मा, बीमा, धातुओं पर चलेगा
  • Currecy spot Forecast expected: 22.4.2022: USD/INR: 76.280 (-0.02) closed, SL-75.00, Target-76.44.
  • Commodity expected: 22.4.2022: GOLD- CMP 52420 (-208) closed, SL- 52280, T-52630, SILVER-CMP-67100 (-1306), SL-66900, T-67480.
  • आपकी कुंडली: कौन सा सेक्टर आप के लिए फायदा देगा, इन्वेस्टमेंट करने से पहले जानें
  • Commodity: 22.4.2022: Buy Crude- CMP-7874 (+17), SL-7745, Target-7960, Copper- CMP- 820.80 (+4.00), SL-810.00, Target-823.00.


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